Thanksgiving Baskets

The Princeton Women's Club wants to be sure that

Princeton area families have a bountiful Thanksgiving this year.

With the cost of groceries and gas going up, there are families in Princeton who are in need. The Princeton Women’s Club wants to help. We are giving away Thanksgiving food baskets to 50 families this year. The baskets will include fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner, plus a $25 gift card to purchase a turkey, ham or other dinner items, as desired.

Calvary Lutheran Church is assisting us with space to store food donations as well as providing some funds for gift cards. Other non-profit groups, such as the Princeton Area Community Fund, Knights of Columbus, Princeton Historical Society, and the Princeton Lions Club are also assisting. But we can’t do this alone, and we are asking if you would like to unite with us on this special project.

We need your help! You can help us serve the Princeton community in several ways:

Cash donation—THIS IS OUR BIGGEST NEED and will be used to purchase food items or gift cards. You can give your cash donation to any club member, or contact Jenny Stelzner, club treasurer at or call (920)570-0581. Funds collected are tax deductible. 100% of your donation is used for this project. Please make out your check to: GFWC-WI Princeton Women’s Club and write “Thanksgiving Baskets” in the memo section.

Piggly Wiggly gift card donation in denominations of $25 each (see below for details)

Food donation—from the list of basket items below:

o 50 boxes instant mashed potatoes

o 50 boxes stovetop stuffing (or generic equivalent)

o 50 packets of gravy mix (can also do canned)

o 100 cans of green beans

o 100 cans of corn

o 50 cans of cranberries (sauce or jellied)

o 50 boxes of jello

**PLEASE CHECK** with the club before providing a food item, as the item may have already been provided.

A Note on Gift Cards: The Princeton Women’s Club recommends purchasing Piggly Wiggly gift cards through the Scrip program at the Princeton Public School. The cards should be purchased in denominations of $25 each. Please contact Leann Holland at Princeton Schools to order the gift cards. (The Scrip program is run through the Princeton PTO and a percentage of the card sales is donated back to the school). Leann’s contact information is or call (920)295-6571 ext. 1600. Orders may be dropped off in the main office. After the order is placed, Leann will contact you to pick up your cards or will give the card to the Thanksgiving Basket committee. The percentage from these gift card purchases help with future Thanksgiving basket programs. If you have any other questions regarding the scrip cards please contact Leann Holland.

A gift card or money donation can be given to any club member. If you want to donate but not sure whom to contact, please send us an email or a message on our Facebook page.

A Note on Food Donations: Calvary Lutheran Church (Princeton) has kindly offered the space to store food donations until the time comes to assemble baskets and distribute them. Food donations can be given to any club member or dropped off at the church during their normal business hours. If you are donating a food item, we just ask that you check with the club FIRST to be sure that the need for the food item still exists, as the status can change daily. Please contact Jenny Stelzner, club treasurer at or call (920)570-0581.

Final Thoughts: Your donation will NOT go unrecognized! As a donor, you will be named as a PARTNER and will be included in an upcoming newspaper article. Additionally, your name/business/organization will be listed with other donors in each of the baskets distributed to the families. This gives the family a chance to say THANK YOU right back to you.

For more information, contact

Jenny Stelzner, club treasurer at or call (920)570-0581

Leann Holland, club member and Princeton PTO contact at or call (920)295-6571 ext. 1600

GFWC-WI Princeton Women’s Club email: Find us on Facebook: GFWC Princeton Women’s Club

Thank you for choosing to support the Princeton Area Community